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New Amnesia (being made)
I will not show you the new episodes of Amneisa (the old one) but I will show you everything else.

When I draw the comic I like to have a piece of paper to sketch the action, character positions etc. Some of those papers "stick around" for couple of weeks while I finish five or more pages. Yesterday I filled the last inch of free space on one and I decided to show it to you.

Amnesia isn't complicated as a character and there is no need to make detailed sketches of page layout. What makes it tricky is the punchline of the joke. That has to be placed at precise place and it should depict the precise moment in time (action). Among all these quick sketches lie the page layout ideas. Some have stick-man figures, some not even those.

Now, where does all this magic take place? Here's a photo of my drawing table with new episodes being drawn. You see the paper under the black marker pen? That's the one I was talking about (the photo is one episode "old").

Posted on 08 Jul 2010 by Filip