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13 Nov 2009 | #
New Thursday means new political comic
It's the one previously shown here as pencil sketch.

04 Nov 2009 | #
Comics overdrive
One more comic! Wow, one could get an impression that I actually draw stuff.

It's the inked comic for the political magazine.

You won't understand this one either. Even I didn't know that this one political party was asking a bribe from some other politician. So I suppose now I know how it feels when an artist draws just because somebody told him to do so.
03 Nov 2009 | #
And even more comics
I wanted to show you the finished first page of the serious comic I'm drawing but I'm not satisfied with last image in it... But, what the heck, I'll show it regardless to that error.

The story is about a couple is getting to the tram late at night... As if you couldn't tell that by yourself... And then... Hey, didn't I already say I won't spoil the story?

02 Nov 2009 | #
More comics
Here are some drawings that will later (possibly today afternoon) become new episodes of political comics I'm drawing.

The first episode still didn't make it to the print. The editor said it will be printed this Thursday so I'm holding my fingers crossed, hoping that it does. Mainly because he said that for the last two Thursdays...

Anyway, here are the images.

Everything starts with a beer with Vuk, the script writer. There I try to sketch his way of thinking and make the action work in four images. Sometimes I don't know the characters or the action since I'm not that informed about politics (I don't care that much).

Then I go home and search the net for the images of the characters and try to make it look like them.

Some other times, the story is about fictional characters and I can really let myself go and draw whatever I want. Here is one of the forthcoming episodes about old people choosing a political party (in the last image, she'll be kissing the photo of the leader of the party).

20 Oct 2009 | #
Did I die?
No, I didn't die. I just didn't update this page for quite some time.

I was in Mostar, the exhibition was great (I made some photos with my crappy phone, because my camera was broken), there was a lot of people and somebody managed to grab one copy of Amnesia book without paying (which rises the number of stolen copies to 3).

Vuk Bacanovic , a journalist for best selling politycal magazine in Bosnia, proposed me a gig. A weekly political short comic that he'll write and I'll draw.

It is an old saying here in Sarajevo that artist dislike the political comics. And it is true. Who wants to spend time drawing comics that are funny only to limited number of people.

You see? You don't know the people portrayed, you don't know the political situation. And it's not funny.

But! If you ware a senior citizen, addicted to political magazines... Then it would be funny.

I'm also developing a short horror/thriller story for a 8 pages long comic. It's about... Well, I'll post it here as I draw so hold your horses. Here are some characters from it. Done in color pencil because they ware available (the comic will be in ink).

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