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06 Oct 2009 | #
Comic exhibition in Mostar
Since this whole web-comic is in English, I suppose that visitors aren't from Bosnia. Am I right? Well, In case you are (in which case I don't know why I'm writing you in English and not in Bosnian) there is a comic exhibition in Mostar opening this Saturday.

It's basically the same exhibition Stripopeka organized in april. As I am one of the organizers in that "company of comic artists and readers", I'm taking that exhibition on tour trough Bosnia.

First stop is Mostar and youth center Abrasevic.

The exhibition will feature art by some of the most famous comic artists from Bosnia drawn on the subject "the city". It will be opened on Saturday, 10th of October at 20:00h.

Also, if you'd like to purchase a copy of Amnesia comic - I'll be bringing some copies for sale and I'll gladly draw you something.

The exhibition will stay opened till next Saturday, the 17th of October.
The youth center Abrasevic is located in the Aleksa Santic street, at number 25, and it's opened fro 12:00 till 20:00 h. Mostar isn't that big city, just ask anybody and he/she will direct you towards the center.

28 Sep 2009 | #
I'm back
I'm back from Comic Festival in Belgrade (Serbia).
Was it good?

Well, it depends on what you consider "good". Was it good like did I sell lot of mine comic? No, because I sold only one (and paid a drink with that money and so didn't earn anything). Was it good like did you meet some interesting people. Nah, just the ones I already known. Ware the drawings of contestants good? Oh yes! They ware amazing!

Let's not forget the awful buss ride that lasted forever (the driver stopped near every lime tree to let passengers in or out - damn you villagers!).

So, it was bad?

Well, I wouldn't say it was bad.

Yes, average is a nice word that sums it up nicely.
Here are some average quality photos from my average phone camera.

Anyway, I'm back, and I'm not planing my next trip in... hold on, I have one to an exhibition in Mostar (Bosnia) on 10th October.
Shit, I forgot about that!
17 Sep 2009 | #
Another great thing
Emir, of r2cu fame just sent me a a cool link to a post which isn't a comic but a series of rather cool illustrations.

Check it out - Good Night and Tough Luck.

What, you say I can not have a blog post without a drawing? Fine. Here's one totally unrelated illustration of a meal I did. It has nothing to do with this post or Amnesia, it has to do with adding an image to every post.

11 Sep 2009 | #
The cover project (part 5 of 4)
As an epilogue to the series of articles about Amnesia's cover, I'm posting a photo of printed book. I've already explained everything so I'll spare you of reading any more of my gibberish and just stick a photo.

10 Sep 2009 | #
The cover project (part 4 of 4)
Yes, I know it took me some days to post this last part of the cover project. Sorry about that...

Anyway, where ware we?
Oh yes, at the very end.

Originally, Amnesia's logo was (and still is) a three-dimensional homage to/mocking of Superman's logo. I've already posted a comic with it but you can also see it in 1st episode of web comic.

But with all elements facing forward and downwards, placing a 3D logo facing to the side and upwards proved a bit tricky. And all that orange lines just didn't go very well with surrounding colors of flame. So I decided to change the logo in straight letters (slightly modified for the cover). I kept the original design for in-comic placement.

The text in white letters above the title says: Awarded for the best comic screenplay on 9th Festival of young comic artists from Balkan.
Which is true. Amnesia won an award for best screenplay 2007.

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